Write Your Book in 8 Weeks

This program will walk you through the book writing process from conception to finished first draft*. You will come away with an understanding of not only the different pieces of a book, but how to first create them, and then compile them into a single complete manuscript ready for professional editing. 

What That Looks Like

This course will be taught in a private Facebook group and will also include a weekly zoom call where I will walk you through each of the modules. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and will have access to me both in the group and through email for a total of 8 weeks.

I will be taking you through the exact process I have used with every author I have worked with in the last 4 years, including Sean Whalen – Best Selling Author of “How To Make Shit Happen” which has sold over 300,000 copies.

While this is a group course, you will also have direct 1:1 access to me to help you when you get stuck or confused or when the process begins to feel overwhelming or confusing. You will not be left floundering around in the dark.


Week 1 – Intro – Why you need to write the book already.

– Why your story matters

– Traditional publishing vs. self-publishing

– Industry standard and reader expectations

– Different printing companies and why it matters

– How becoming a published author establishes you as an authority

– Using your book as a lead magnet


Week 2 – Getting super clear.

– What are you writing and why are you writing it?

– What is the message you must share with the world?

– What lessons are you going to teach?


Week 3 – Creating the outline for your manuscript.

– The different parts of a book and why they matter

– Why we work from an outline

– How to organize your thoughts

– Structuring the flow of the manuscript

– How to extract the stories that matter and highlight the message you want to share


Week 4 – Creating your content – This is where it starts to get exciting!

– Different ways you can “write” your book

– Technology you can use to make the process easier

– How to work with your outline to stay on track

– How to build out the content so it flows and makes sense to the reader 


Week 5 – Adding your CTAs (Call to Action)

– What is a Call to Action, and why they matter

– How to work them into the content so they enhance the story

– Using your CTAs to grow your email list and platform


Week 6 – Finalizing your first draft

– Pulling all the pieces of your manuscript together

– How to self-edit your first draft

– Making sure your manuscript follows your outline

– Writing your intro

– Finding the person who will write your foreword 


Week 7 – Questions/Concerns

– Where are you stuck?

– What don’t you understand?

– What concerns do you have?


Week 8 – Wrapping up

– Next steps in the book publishing process

– Where do you go from here?

– How to find an editor and book printer

– How to design a marketing plan/find a marketing agency

-Final questions/debriefing

Kathryn helped me wrap my brain around the message and purpose of my book. She provided step-by-step guidance in layout options, the process once a first draft is finished, and what to include and why. Kathryn gave me the confidence to tell my story.
Kelli Cochrane

Writing a book for many is a bucket list item that seems like a “pipe dream“.

It may seem as though we don’t have any knowledge or any story that would entertain, educate, inspire, or motivate others.

The time and writing skill we may believe it requires at the outset seems daunting and makes some people perceive this as an unrealistic endeavor.

However, in working with Kathryn, we realize that all of these limiting beliefs are not true.

With the clever strategies for structure and format, Kathryn was able to help me organize my flow of ideas into a cohesive work with great flow. She provided good constructive feedback along the way in order to ensure that what was written was going to convey the message and be received by the public in the way that it was intended.

She also asked the questions at the outset of the course that every author needs to answer when putting ink to paper for a self development books such as mine.

In answering these questions, all of us realized just how much value that we possessed and could share.

Along the way, I gained a lot of knowledge not just about the writing and editing process, but Kathryn also shares a lot of her expertise with regards to marketing, which is an extremely important step both before and after the editing process is complete.

Nowadays, your book is your business card. Link up with Kathryn if you want to put your best foot forward!

Doc Jon

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If a group format isn’t your preference, I also offer 1:1 book coaching

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* A finished first draft is not ready to be published, but is a complete manuscript that is ready for editing.