About Us

Kathryn Tague is a branding and digital communication expert, and the founder of Influence Digital Media. She was the Executive Editor of The Good Men Project, the country’s leading progressive men’s publication for 8 years, and was the Director of Media Partnerships and Social Media branding, strategy and content strategy for 6 years.

Kathryn specializes in social media and content strategy, communications, branding, and platform growth for entrepreneurs, authors, and small businesses. She has spent the past 6 years growing personal and business brands for multi-million dollar companies and entrepreneurs.

Our Philosophy

Your brand is the core of your business. It’s the first impression you cast on the world. Without a strong brand presence, your business can’t perform at its best.

Influence Digital Media will help you craft your brand messaging so that you can find your ideal audience. We provide a comprehensive branding strategy, which drives all of our subsequent creative services. All of our strategies are custom designed for you and your individual brand. Your business and message are unique to you, and your branding and strategy should be, too.

Your audience wants to know what to expect from you. We ensure that your brand communication stays consistent – from every page of your website to every social media post.


As a writer of fiction, I don’t know much about social media. I was very skeptical at first, that any amount of social media exposure would make a difference. But Kathryn soon won me over with her combined competence and charm. She knows social media inside out, is very savvy about online promotion, and she’s boosted the numbers of people drawn to my blog, Facebook and Twitter platforms in a way I couldn’t have imagined—six fold in just a year. She brings to the table special skills, including creative and artistic visual composition; a natural ability to curate images; and strategic acuity combined with lightening speed at getting every job done.  An added bonus is that she’s a delight to work with. She is really invested in her clients’ success.
Neville Frankel

Emmy winning author of Historical Fiction

Kathryn is simply the best of the best at what she does. On a professional and a personal level I can tell you this: She really cares. And because she cares – her guidance has helped our company grow our brand, increase traffic to our social media sites, increased our profits, and helped us achieve our goals. And why is this important? Because we are on a mission to love and help people – and of course – to increase our business to we can support our families and those who work with us. Bottom line – because of her we are doing both – accomplishing our mission and paying our bills. We are forever in debt to Kathryn and her Influence Digital Media, LLC
David Leo Schultz

Color Green Films

Kathryn was a great addition to our team when we needed higher engagement and reach with our brand. She helped train on all social media platforms, managed our posts, provided invaluable insights, which all led to more followers and brand recognition. Our team would recommend her to anyone not only for her expertise in social media but her positive attitude made her a pleasure to work with.
Vinnie Fisher

Total CEO

We hired Kathryn and her team a year and a half ago and we are so glad we did. Their knowledge of social media management and marketing is second to none. It has been great to know that we have someone in our corner that will handle our social media accounts and online reputation with such great care. Plus, the boost to our quality of posts and post engagements going through the roof were an added bonus. I would highly recommend Kathryn and her entire team to anyone needing their services, no matter the size of your company.
Kelly Kerr

Marketing Director, Vinson Mortgage

“Kathryn’s expertise with social media and promotion is the glue that holds The Good Men Project together. The strategies that she developed for promoting GMP posts via Facebook grew the site several times over.

Additionally, her eye for trending content is exceptional, as are her communication skills and work ethic. Rarely have I worked with such an easygoing teammate who drove hard for results.”

James Stafford

“Kathryn DeHoyos is a social media guru and an elite digital strategist who has the sensitivity and journalistic integrity to know which stories are important. She taught me a great deal about content management, and her work ethic and commitment to collaboration is infectious. Kathryn is both the quiet leader willing to put her head down and finish the job AND the inspirational speaker who is able to rally the team. It was one of my career’s great honors to work alongside her. She’ll be an asset to your team on the first day you hire her.”
Cameron Conaway

Kathryn DeHoyos of Influence Digital Media is incredibly talented and her strong suit is building brands. She quickly identified with our audience and was able to immediately implement the right “voice” when speaking to our audience. She sources incredible content that helps with brand-development and is great at getting customer engagement with posts on our various social media channels. I would highly recommend her for brand building and organically building social media audiences who are engaged and interested in your brand. She’s also super responsive and she hustles (two traits that are incredibly important to me and that set her apart from so many others).
Melony DeRose

Founder Fé-Fit and Empact Bars

“Kathryn is a coworker who can always be counted on for ideas, assistance, contributions, and problem solving. She’s top-notch at figuring out how to make projects work and explaining things in ways that make sense. She’s also an outstanding mentor, willing to listen to where people are and offer ways to help them develop their skills and abilities without lecturing or talking down.

She’s been instrumental in the growth of The Good Men Project, particularly in the social media realm, and truly understands the meaning of “team”, in small groups and organizationally.”

JJ Vincent

Kathryn is professional, knowledgeable, and personable. As my executive editor, her skills were immensely helpful to me during my time as interim editor of the Marriage & Relationships section at The Good Men Project. Her talent for social media, along with her ability to clearly communicate successful media strategies to me, were instrumental in growing my section’s readership.

Kathryn is also an excellent editor. Her eye for detail improved my own writing and editing. She is passionate about social justice and I was always able to rely on her to help me find a new way of thinking about any given topic.

Finally, I valued Kathryn’s judgment. In writing and editing a section that was often a magnet for controversy, Kathryn always remained level-headed and assisted me in learning when and how to balance representing the brand and its ideals as well as the authors with whom I worked in a sensitive, but assertive, manner.”

Ben Martin